5km to Marathon: How to Train for Any Type of Run

Training for anything in life requires regular exposure to the end goal, whether you’re training for a 5k, 10k or a marathon. Training for a run requires small increased incremental types of running, from sprints to long distance runs.

As well as maintaining good technique, using the right energy supplements and having the discipline to stick to a schedule, there are other little training quirks that can help you conquer your challenge.

Here are a few to get you going…

How to Start Running – 3 Starting Points…

Schedule workouts

One of the most important considerations when training for a run is to stick to a weekly schedule. This means that you will always have time to complete your run. Put a planner on the fridge or in your phone, whichever way is best for you to remember to run on that day.

Take it slow

It’s important to never rush your training. Most cases of overtraining lead to injuries like “runner’s knee” and hamstring issues. As a result, taking on too much too soon will actually slow down your training progression.

Expect off days

Almost all runners will have off days, whether it’s feeling tired or just not performing to the usual standard. However, don’t let them put you off! Stick with it and you’ll pass the wall sooner or later.

Running a 5k

Running a 5k is probably your first long-distance run so there’s a few things you have to keep in mind. There’s no two ways about it, a 5k is a challenge from start to finish for those who are new to running, and learning to grind it out and dig into your energy reserves is extremely important.

Our Tropical Energy Gel is particularly good for those who want to boost their energy levels while keeping an eye on their calorie count.

Training for a 5k with friends makes the overall experience of running a lot more fun. That way you all motivate each other to stick to a training schedule, which is essential for completing a 5k run whether or not it’s your first.

Running a 10k

Now you’ve crossed the 5k finish line, it’s time to get more serious.

There are endless things you can do to enable you to run a 10k race. Small changes to your technique can help to improve your overall performance massively.

Investing in the right running shoes is the best place to start. Don’t settle for the cheapest pair you find in the sports shop! Get your feet professionally measured and choose some robust trainers that offer plenty of support and breathability.

Energy supplements can also help you to keep going for longer. Our Banana Energy Bars are perfect for helping you through a 10k run, especially when it gets tough after that first 5km!

Preparing for a Half Marathon

Running your first half marathon can be a life-changing experience. However, the longer distance means you may need to adapt your training style once again.

As you’re covering such a vast distance, it’s imperative that your running style is spot on. In terms of running technique and foot placement, it is better to land on the midsole of your foot as it allows your muscles to catch the weight of your body in flight.

Running heel first is also BAD! Running has a moment of weightlessness in the stride meaning there are points where you are suspended in mid-air.

Preparing for a Marathon!

Congratulations, you have made it to running a marathon!

As with your previous training, it is important to build up to being able to run a marathon – DON’T go from running a half marathon to a marathon straight away.

A marathon has to be split up into manageable chunks. Lots of people say a marathon has two halves, the first 20 miles and then the last 6.2. This makes it possible to focus on a 20-mile tempo run.

It is also possible to break it up into a series of 5k and 10k runs; this is perfect for mentally trying to finish the race. This technique makes it seem more manageable than a huge 26-mile run.

As this is longer than all the previous races you’ve completed, it’s even more important that you stay energised throughout your training and during the final race itself. There are plenty of energy gels that have been developed especially for runners, so help is always at hand.

You will inevitably hit “The Wall”, but with the right preparation, you can smash your way through it!

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Written by Inkospor UK