Healthy High-Protein Snack Ideas You Probably Haven’t Considered Before

When you’re trying to lose weight, snacking between meals is one of the worst things you could be doing.

Chocolate bars, crisps and biscuits are all easily accessible and help to curb the cravings for a while; but they don’t do your diet any good!

So what do you do if you feel hungry between meals? There is a solution. The fact is you don’t have to do away with that mid-afternoon snack at your desk completely; you just need to choose the right things.

Fortunately, there are a whole range of healthy, high-protein snack ideas that you may have never considered before and we’re going to talk you through a few of them.

9 high-protein snacks that fit into your healthy diet

1. Trail Mix. Nuts and fruit are high in protein and packed with nutrients. But be wary! While nuts are chock-full of “good fats”, eating too much can lead to weight gain, so go steady!

2. Beef Jerky. A great-tasting snack that is high in protein, with the added bonuses (yes, plural), of being low in carbohydrates and fats. Made from prime beef, it’s a tasty snack at any time of day (who doesn’t love a bit of beef just after breakfast, right?!)


3. Houmous and Sliced Vegetables. This is an excellent way to use up the veg in your fridge. Sliced carrots or peppers can be dipped into your houmous, which is made from protein-rich chickpeas. Similarly to the trail mix, you need to remember that houmous is made with olive oil, which means you should snack on it sparingly.


4. Protein Bars. Whether you have one after a session at the gym or as a snack in the middle of the day, protein bars are an incredible source of your daily nutrients. One inkospor® X-TREME Protein Giant Bar contains 39g of protein and only 209 calories, meaning that – gram for gram – it contains more protein than chicken!


5. Fruit or Celery Sticks with Peanut Butter. In similar fashion to houmous and sliced vegetables, this is an excellent way to fight the cravings with something tasty and healthy. Dipping chopped fruit such as apples into peanut butter, or spreading it on, may sound strange, but trust us it’s tasty and packed full of protein.


6. Protein Shakes. Not just for having before, during or after a gym session; many people take protein shakes for weight loss or in an attempt to boost their daily protein consumption.

One serving of inkospor® X-TREME 100% Whey Protein Powder contains 24g of protein and less than 1g of fat, making it the perfect option to support your training and increased protein intake.


7. Edamame Poppers. These little beans have appeared from nowhere like kale did a few years ago. Today they’re one of the most in-demand (and protein-laden) snacks around.


8. Homemade Granola. Buying off the shelf can be risky. What you thought would be a healthy snack can actually turn out to be crammed with sugar – granola is a repeat offender in this regard.

However, making snacks at home gives you complete control over the ingredients, meaning your granola can be made your way. Fill it with your favourite ingredients like nuts, rolled oats and raisins for a high-protein snack.


9. Burrito in a Jar. Low in carbohydrates but high in protein, put all your favourite burrito ingredients (minus the wrap) into a jar on your desk and consume as and when you like. It’s a tasty, spicy and high-protein alternative to a boring salad!

Written by Inkospor UK